Vite - Learn better with video note

Watch, engage & learn from long-form videos in a joyful & effective way.

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Never lose track of your favourites

Quickly import videos from Youtube channels and playlists

Filter, sort and favourite videos in a delightful dashboard

Schedule reminders for videos to watch leter

Dashboard interface

Easy note-taking while watching

Navigate long videos through chapters

Add your own chapters in addition to default ones

Drag & drop images into your note, including screenshots

Support markdown & keyboard shortcuts

And much more...

“I espcially love the fact that I can add my own chapters even to old videos that don‘t have them. Drag & drop screenshots is very useful too!”

- Beta User
Note interface

On a mission to nurture the love of learning

Vite strives to become a useful companion in your life-long learning journey with many features beyond videos and notes.

*Note: Some of these features will land at launch, while others will arrive in a near future.

Fast search

Fast, multi-faceted, instant search-as-you-type for your videos and notes.

Publish your notes

Publish your notes to share with others, or export them to PDF for offline browsing.

Rich editing experience

Hashtags, diagrams, anchors by video chapters, embedded code editor, LaTeX support, AI-assisted writing, etc.

Learning paths

Design and publish learning paths by combining different videos, playlists and channels together.

Motivation tools

Enhance your learning habits with built-in motivation tools such as learning streaks and badges.


Save your notes to Notion, share a snippet to Twitter, etc. The world is your oyster.

Highlights & Quotes

Quickly search through your highlights and quotes. Sync them to services like Readwise for reminders.

And more...

After the first public launch, Vite's roadmap will be public. Vote for the next features!

Youtube first, others to follow

Vite will launch with full Youtube integration. Support for other major video platforms will be added later. MOOC platforms will also be supported, if they offer an API.


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